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Dale & Quentin Leighty: A Legacy of Relationship Banking in Colorado

Son stands by father seated on couch showing their relationship and their commitment to relationship banking

Quentin Leighty describes his father, Dale, as “the guy that if you sat next to him on an airplane, you’re going to know him in the first hour.” Dale’s engaging personality means he’ll learn plenty about you too. “He’ll pull it out of you,” Quentin adds with a grin. BUILDING A LEGACY You can’t miss ...

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Wild West Banking: One Local Bank’s Pioneering Legacy

colorado history cowboys at the center of town turn of the century around 1901

If you are not sitting in History Class, you may appreciate a quick refresher on U.S. and Colorado History in 1901. Movie theaters did not exist. Vacuums had not been invented. In baseball you could cheer for the Cleveland Blues or the Boston Americans, and In August, Vice President, Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone of ...

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Legacy of Local Service Continues: How Does Community Banking Differ?

local bank employees display community award they received

Did you know there is a bank in your community older than the Federal Reserve? First National Bank Colorado was founded in 1901. And we began serving local families, farms, and businesses as a local bank 12 years before the Fed opened its doors and just 25 years after Colorado became a state. But our ...

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Customer Profile: Kinship Landing, Colorado Springs, A World of Winsome Hospitality

three business owners in colorado springs new hotel chose first national bank colorado as commercial bank

Every successful business venture deserves an intriguing backstory. The founders and owners of Kinship Landing, the boutique hotel in downtown Colorado Springs, retain one of the most compelling entrepreneurial beginnings around. Bobby and Brooke Mikulas and Nate Grimm kick off their hotelier story with ice climbing and Iceland, and it gets better from there. Ice. ...

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Customer Profile: Basis Partners, Colorado Springs, The Road to Public Health and Safety

colorado springs bank customer basis partners team shown first national bank at flying horse basis partners engineering

You know that curb you step off every morning walking your dog in Colorado Springs? Or that gushing rainwater that flows past your house along the Front Range? Or that road or bridge and smooth asphalt you zip over on the way to work? You may want to give a shout out to Basis Partners ...

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