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Customer Profile: Ark-Valley Memorial, Creating Lasting Tributes, Rocky Ford, Colorado

Customer Profile: Ark-Valley Memorial, Creating Lasting Tributes, Rocky Ford, Colorado Ark Valley truck installing head stone

One of Mike Donelson’s greatest works of memorial stone art majestically stands hidden in a clearing of lonely pines in the Rio Grande National Forest. At 11,000 feet along Colorado’s Continental Divide, Soldierstone is an 8-ton tower of polished granite honoring the lives of foreign fighters who died during the Vietnam War. The occasional visitor ...

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Customer Profile: Serranos, World-Class Coffee in Monument, Colorado

If you ask Serranos Coffee Company owner Carl Nolt about his favorite coffee, he’ll no doubt take you back to his coffee research trip to Antigua, Guatemala. When Carl describes that best cup of coffee he’s ever had the edges of his salt-and-pepper mustache turn up in a smile as he exhales “a café con ...

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A New Community Bank Opening in Colorado Springs

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Enduring multiple blizzards, scheduling setbacks, a pandemic, and tending to lots of little, important details we opened First National Bank Colorado at Flying Horse, a brand-new, state-of-the-art community bank at Highway 83 and North Gate Boulevard in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Why would we open our seventh office when mega banks are closing offices all across ...

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Teaching Your Kids About Saving, Spending, and Sharing Money

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Money is daily. You may not think of it that way. But every day you and I encounter saving, spending, and sharing decisions. The grade of fuel you put in your car, whether you select name brand or generic grocery items, if you choose to support a fundraiser, even coffee to-go or coffee at home ...

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Helpful Facts About Colorado Agriculture And Ag Loans

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Sunny days are ahead! For you and our beautiful state. Aren’t we fortunate that Colorado enjoys more than 300 sunny days a year? This bright, warmth describes Colorado’s nationally-recognized ranching, farming and agriculture community. Such excellent people to work and know! We are proud of our agriculture roots and our ag relationships spanning generations. At ...

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