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Switch Kit

Switch Kit Forms Quick Access – these forms can be filled out and saved, or you can enter the information and print for your use.


We’ve made it simple to move your accounts to First National Bank Colorado. We have created some tools to assist you as you prepare for your account move.

Step 1: Open your personal account or fill out form for your business account and bring it into the bank so that we can assist you in opening your account. Once opened, stop using your old account – but do not close it right away. Allow one to two months for all checks to clear and for all automatic transactions to be set up with us.

Step 2: Inform your employer about your Direct Deposit change request. Use our Simple Switch Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form to simplify this move. Directions for completing the form and helpful phone numbers for Social Security, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Railroad Retirement Board are included.

Step 3: Move your automatic payments and/or withdrawal to your new First National Bank Colorado account. Use First National Bank Colorado’s Simple Switch Payment/Deposit Switch Form to help simplify the transition.

Step 4: Set up bill pay with First National Bank Colorado’s Bill Pay. Use the Simple Switch Bill Pay Worksheet to guide you through this simple set-up.

Step 5: Let your previous bank know that you would like to close your old account. Use the Simple Switch Account Closure Form to make this request.


Enjoy your new banking relationship with First National Bank Colorado! We hope you will take advantage of all the great products and services we offer.