Legacy of Local Service Continues: How Is Community Banking Different?

Did you know there is a bank in your community older than the Federal Reserve?

First National Bank Colorado was founded in 1901. And we began serving local families, farms, and businesses 12 years before the Fed opened its doors and just 25 years after Colorado became a state.

But our legacy isn’t just about decades, it is about dedication.

Colorado Communities

We are dedicated to serving our customers and our communities. That means you’ll see us at ballgames, food drives, parades, serving on non-profit boards, at schools, and volunteering a combined average of 1,800 hours each year for over 80 organizations. We also dedicate the time to get to know each customer face-to-face across our seven Colorado locations (including Monument and Flying Horse in Colorado Springs) so we can understand individual goals and work toward success, together.

TIP: Share your goals with your banker so they understand your personal wants and needs in 2023 and beyond.

Local Ownership. Local Decisions.

As a locally-owned, family business, we treat our customers like family. We care about each individual and greet you by name. And with some third-generation families at First National Bank Colorado you may see an impromptu family reunion in our lobby.

Local ownership is important to our customers because they get a faster decision, we understand local challenges, and the money stays in our community. Decisions are made locally not from some distant headquarters.

Modern Conveniences

Our founders would not recognize the technology we offer, but they would notice the traditional values remain firmly in place 121 years later. Our roots run deep in Colorado soil and support a firm foundation of honesty and integrity in all we do.

Second Generation Leadership

Raised in Colorado, Quentin Leighty, C.F.O. of First National Bank Colorado, is a second-generation leader at First National Bank Colorado, and a first-rate individual. Quentin is known in Colorado and the banking industry for his outstanding character, servant-leader faith, and steady reliability. His friendly and accomplished dad, Dale, respected by so many, has led the bank for over 40 years and serves as C.E.O. and Chairman of the Board.

local banker and his family on vacation in front of large fountain
Photo caption: Quentin and his family enjoy an active Colorado lifestyle, school activities, and time with their extended family.

Quentin and the entire team at First National Bank Colorado thank NORTH for serving our community and welcome you to experience relationship banking the way it used to be with all the conveniences of modern banking.