Customer Profile: Kinship Landing

kin-ship /ˈkinˌSHip/ noun. the state of affinity or family relationship.

“We want a kinship and everybody that’s involved in the project to be family.”

—Nate Grimm, Cofounder and Chief Financial Officer, Kinship Landing

Kin or kinship originates from the Old English word cynn meaning “family or kind.” Throughout the ages, people have lived in kinship as a relation, connection, bond, or alliance. First National Bank and Kinship Landing, the new award-winning, boutique hotel in downtown Colorado Springs, model kin today in both finances and friendship.

Starting in 2017, the hotel cofounders, Bobby and Brooke Milkulas and Nate Grimm, developed their innovative, first-of-its-kind hospitality venture with the camaraderie of the local community. And the kinship trio of close friends searched for a best-fit bank.

people having a meeting about a local bank relationship

“We talked to a lot of banks and some didn’t have the appetite for startups or for the hospitality space or had other reasons not to embrace the concept,” Chief Financial Officer Nate explains. “Then through the Small Business Development Center we met Dave at First National Bank Colorado. Dave is the expert on 504 loans through the SBA [Small Business Administration] program. We moved pretty quickly from when we first started talking to First National Bank Colorado to when we had our loan approval.”

Personal Attention

Bobby, the hotel’s Chief Executive Officer, adds his perspective on how First National Bank went above and beyond. “Dave was really quick to get creative. He proposed some creative solutions that we hadn’t thought of before. He was also really fast moving,” Bobby states. “With previous bank interactions some would drag on and on with little communication. We always knew where we were at the process with Dave and that was super refreshing.”

Yet the Kinship Landing entrepreneurs did not just sign on the dotted line. They ensured the bank aligned with each of Kinship Landing’s five core values: courage, trust, community, adventure, and generosity. First National Bank Colorado proved a perfect match.

local bank relationship makes a new hotel in colorado springs possible

Feels Like Family

“First National Bank Colorado provides flexibility and an understanding partnership. For the people that we do business with, we want them to be a partner, not just a vendor, not just a banking institution,” Nate emphasizes. “We want a kinship and everybody that’s involved in the project to be family.”

The bank that opened its doors in 1901 for the agriculture community in Southern Colorado and now has seven Colorado locations is truly a community partner in kinship with businesses, individuals, and families throughout the Pikes Peak region.

With a handshake (and a Homa hand pie or two), Kinship Landing and First National Bank Colorado sealed their kinship, and are shaping history together. There is always room at Kinship and in the family for you too.

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