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Business Banking Overview

We can provide you with financial tools that help you grow and thrive! This is true of all types of businesses and organizations – local, regional, retail, service, industrial, non-profit, municipal and, of course, agricultural.

Local and regional businesses

No matter your company size or market scope, we have the ideal tools to manage your financial resources and support your success. From managing day-to-day cash needs to buying real estate and equipment or creating share liquidity for shareholders, we understand business and are ready to assist. Visit with one of our business banking specialists today!


We were founded in 1901, with a focus on serving the agriculture industry. While we’ve expanded well beyond that, we haven’t forgotten those roots. Agricultural loans and credit are our specialties. When you work with us, you’ll always deal with an agricultural lending expert – someone who understands how important your business is to our bank, our community and our way of life.



We’ve been successfully serving local governments for more than a century. We understand your regulatory environment and the need to do the most with limited budgets. At First National Bank Colorado, your city or town will have access to dedicated bankers who understand the laws and regulations concerning municipal funds management.



We recognize how critical non-profit groups are to our communities. You have special financial challenges, budgets that often don’t stretch as far as you’d like, unique reporting requirements and unique stewardship responsibilities. We’ll help you manage your financial resources so you can concentrate on your vital mission.

Learn all about the products and services we offer for companies and organizations in Colorado. We’ve made banking as convenient as possible and invite you to visit us and learn how much we would appreciate your business and how we can help your business grow.


“When I started my business ten years ago, all I had was an idea, a little seed money and a banker. First National Bank has been there for me all the way with advice, even encouragement when I needed it. They’re one of my biggest supporters.”

– Frank Daurio, Daurio Feedlot, Rocky Ford